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DTDtoCPP is a C++ code generator for XML files processing. It automatically generates parser C++ classes basing on DTD specification.

Key features:
- Generated classes parses XML string and put XML values to the appropriate class members.
- Multiple and optional elements support
- Source-code only output (no need to include any libraries) - can be used in both x86 and x64 projects.
- Use of MFC and MSXML parser
- Can be adopted for work with other parsers and without MFC by request.

DTDtoCPP is free for non-commercial use. For commercial use please contact author to obtain license code.

The project is currently under development (current version is v.0.5). Feel free to report any found issues to author.

Current limitations:
- Only <!ELEMENT> tag is supported
- Multiple bracketed blocks (such as (el1,el2)*) are not supported
- Read only mode. Writing back to XML string is not supported.

System requirements:
MS Windows,.NET framework 3.5(required for DTDtoCPP program only, generated C++ files do not require .Net framework)

Download latest version: DTDtoCPP v0.5
Contact author: coder4hire@mail.ru

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